May 26,  2016 – Day 57

Ready to set a few of our froglets free. Room 5 ventured out to the vernal pool to release the Wood Frogs back to their natural habitat.


May 20, 2016 – Day 51

We have Froglets! A few of our tadpoles have back and front legs, now we are just waiting for their tails to get shorter.



May 13, 2016

File_000 (7)

Some of our tadpoles have back legs!

File_001 (7)

Room 5 tadpole

File_002 (5)

We named this one: Wiggles

File_003 (4)

May 10, 2016 – Day 41

A few of our tadpoles have tiny back legs! Room 5 was so excited to see this today. Although they are very small, they are on either side of the tadpole’s tail. I placed one tadpole in a small container and zoomed in on it using the Activboard, when we looked very close we could see it’s little legs underneath the tail. So exciting!

Here are some great journal entries about the discovery:


May 2, 2016 – Day 32

File_000 (3)

We have discovered a water snail and damselfly nymph in our tadpole tank!


File_001 (3)

These are creatures straight from the vernal pool water that our tadpoles are living in.

File_001 (4)

One of our tadpoles had an odd white string-like substance attached to it. Now it is gone and the tadpole is fine and swimming around again. Quite the mystery…

File_002 (2)

We have two snails in our tank and I caught one in a petri dish for the kids to see up close.

File_003 (2)

Water Snail & Damselfly Nymph


April 25, 2016

After the April break we came back to some very big tadpoles! Unfortunately before we left for break a few little friends didn’t survive, so now we have 9 big and healthy looking tadpoles. We added water and leaves straight from the vernal pool to see if it would help our tadpoles grow and survive. This has become our variable in Room 5. We have been feeding them tadpole pellets but we think they may enjoy eating the dead leaves and other remnants from the vernal pool water.

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As part of our persuasive writing unit Room 5 worked in pairs to complete, “Labeled Illustrations.” They each wrote an opinion statement and supporting facts/reasons about either Yellow Spotted Salamanders or Wood Frogs!




4/1 “A little tadpole is moving around in the egg.” 4/4 “Tadpoles hatched! They are getting used to their new world. I think they hatched on Sunday.”

Monday, April 4, 2016

Over the weekend many of our tadpoles emerged from their eggs! Some are still little black dots inside the jelly egg, but about 12-13 of them hatched and pushed out of their egg. We drew some great observations of this in our Science Journals.

Things we noticed:

  1. The tadpoles are very small.
  2. They don’t swim around or move too much yet, except a few of them.
  3. There are still a few inside the jelly eggs. Will they hatch or are they dead?

Things we can add to our tank to help our tadpoles:

  1. Food – pellets
  2. Vernal pool water
  3. Dirt or soil
  4. More leaves/sticks
  5. Rocks or “land” for when they grow legs



Which will hatch first?


Tadpoles hatched over the weekend of 4/2-4/3



Thursday, March 31, 2016

We received our tadpole eggs this morning and Room 5 was ecstatic! We got to touch (with one finger) the jelly-like substance that was around the eggs and Mrs. Erickson also showed us what the salamander egg mass looked like versus the wood frog eggs. To help welcome our little eggs we added a stick to our tank so the eggs could stay all together.


Salamander eggs had more jelly around them in the corner.


Wood Frog eggs attached to the stick.



Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On Friday, March 18, 2016 Room 5 ventured out to the Vernal pool with Emile our resident Biologist from the Grassroots Wildlife Conservation. We got to observe Wood Frogs, Diving Beetles and a Yellow Spotted Salamander! This was our first time up close and personal with actual creatures that live in the Vernal pool. Our previous visits we used our senses, observed the nature, and discussed the changes season to season. We learned so much about the amphibians that reside in the Vernal pool and we are very excited to receive our own tadpoles soon!