Country – Bl

May 12

Dr. Erickson came to weigh our tadpoles. We took 3 from the tank to put on Dr. Erickson’s scale. Two weighed .4 grams and one weighed .2 grams. We could see back legs on two of the tadpoles.


The tadpoles have been in Room 3 for one week. We observed them closely today. We noticed that their tails are longer than their bodies and that there looks like a clear oval around the black triangle of their tails. We could see their eyes; some have grown back legs.


Our eggs arrived Friday April 1. By Monday, many had hatched; by Tuesday all had. The tadpoles were so active that Elias said they looked like they are playing bumper cars!



Here is the vernal pool three weeks ago, March 4. We tried to break through the ice with sticks and even a big rock, but we could not.Vernal Pool 2


Here is the vernal pool on March 22, covered with thin clear ice.

We met Emile, the biologist there; she showed us who is living there now.



The wood frog is very well camouflaged in the leaves. The yellow-spotted salamander doesn’t need camouflage because it is poisonous; it’s yellow spots are like caution signs. The water beetle is a predator of tadpoles.


April 2015: Our class traveled to a vernal pool area on Case Campus. Check out a slide show of our trip by clicking here.


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