An Interesting Day at the Vernal Pool – April 13, 2016


April 13, 2016: trap on bottom left

Today Mrs. Benson and myself traveled back down to the vernal pool to check on the Pool Cam and to check on the tadpole eggs.  Where last week’s trip was frigid, today’s was more seasonal, and it felt more like spring.  On the path before the bridges, there was an emerald carpet and the birds were out and chirping as we made our way to the pool.  Here is the view of the pool on this Wednesday.


Still eggs….

The tadpoles in the kindergarten classrooms hatched about ten days ago.  Last week, the trap was completely frozen into the pool.  This week, it was a lot easier to get at.  However, this week, the pool was completely clear of ice and crystal clear.  When I pulled the trap out…..there were still tadpole eggs.  So, the warmer environment of our classrooms seems to contribute to the tadpole eggs hatching earlier than those in the vernal pool.

After finally capturing one picture of the elusive “Chubs”, Mrs. Benson and I decided to retrieve the Pool Cam to put it onto the Chubs Problem (aka how does that squirrel reach the bird feeder on Mrs. Cohen’s window).  So, a little after 4:20 p.m., we headed back down for our second trip of the day.  And this trip was even more interesting than the first one.  As we got closer, we saw the pool covered by different colors.  It looked like a piece of artwork. Seven hours later, things looked totally different.  Any ideas on what happened over the day?  And our final unexpected surprise shows up at around 7 seconds of this video on our way back from our afternoon trip.




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