April 6, 2016:  Last week, I gave all the kindergarten classes a challenge in predicting whether the eggs in the classroom or those kept in a trap at the vernal pool would hatch first.  When classes arrived on Monday morning, they had discovered that many had tiny tadpoles in their tanks.  This morning, Mrs. Benson and I traveled down to the vernal pool to check the trap.  After a wacky week of weather (last Friday was 70 plus degrees and then we had two days of snow), we weren’t sure what we would find.

frozen trap

The trap, encased in ice

After traveling through the snow covered woods, we arrived at the edge of a frozen vernal pool.  I had to break through the ice to reach the frozen trap.  After turning the trap upside down, I discovered the egg mass, still intact at one corner of the trap.

So this week’s challenge question is:  What do you think will happen to the eggs at the vernal pool trap?  We know that wood frogs have amazing super powers that allow them to become “frogsicles” in the winter.  What do you

frozen eggs

Eggs are on the bottom right corner of the trap

may happen to the eggs?


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