The 2016 Action Has Begun!

After a school year of observing the vernal pool, kindergarteners in Mrs. Wyman’s class traveled down to the pool on Thursday, March 10th to do a winter/spring trip.  It was a warm day for March standards, but a little on the wet side.  These young biologists were not deterred….when they got there, they noted “sound” and thought it was perhaps birds.  However, Mrs. Wyman correctly identified it as Spring Peepers who made their appearance.  Dr. Windmiller had commented to Mrs. Erickson earlier in the week, that if we had a warm rain on Thursday night, that we might hear more activity after that.  And we certainly had a warm rain on Thursday night.  Mrs. Erickson took a mid-day walk to check if there had been any changes.  And as she got closer and closer to the pool, she heard a lot of noise, and wondering if it was faraway road noise.  But that was not the case at all when she got closer.  On Friday, March 11th, the pool was full of beautiful amphibian sounds.  This was about a full month earlier than last year.  Check out this videobrook and see how many different sounds you can hear!  Unfortunately, I did not take any still pictures at the vernal pool, but this is the brook that was partially frozen this past Monday.


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