Ask the Experts

Dr. Bryan Windmiller and Emile Schuler, of Grassroots Wildlife Conservation, replied to some of our kindergarten questions about the tadpoles. Thanks for helping us learn more about these fascinating creatures!

  • What kind of frogs will they become? They will become wood frogs.
  • What will happen to the tadpoles with the air bubbles? These tadpoles will be fine. The air bubble works its way out.
  • Are the front legs webbed? Wood frogs do not have front legs that are webbed. This is because they live mainly on the land. Their back legs are barely webbed.
  • Why do front legs come after the back legs? When the tadpoles have their back legs, they can still swim. But once they start to develop their front legs, it makes it a lot harder for them to swim. Once they develop those front legs, they need to be in shallower water. At this stage, they have lost their gills and are developing lungs, so they will be ready for land.
  • Do they freeze in the winter? In the winter, wood frogs hide under the leaf litter and logs. They will freeze totally in the winter.
  • When they are frogs, what sounds will they make? Listen to this audio link to hear what a wood frog chorus sounds like. This will be like when we first traveled to the vernal pool.
  • When they are frogs, what will they eat? Even though most people think frogs eat flies, the wood frogs eat insects that are found on the ground and under logs in the woods. They like to eat small pillbugs, beetles, and millipedes.
  • How and why do frogs communicate with each other? Frogs do communicate with one another. Males and females make different sounds. An alarm sound is very squeaky. Wood frogs can also communicate by knowing that female wood frogs are redder in color and males are browner in color. Wood frogs also can tell who are their brothers and sisters by smell. Some frogs, living by bodies of water like waterfalls, actually communicate by waving to one another.

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