A Tadpole Tour

Mrs. Clancy discusses her class's variable

Mrs. Clancy discusses her class’s variable

Last week at Woodland School, three kindergarten classes took a “Tadpole Tour” to compare the differences in each other’s room with their tadpole investigation. This was an outstanding experience for the kindergarteners and many had great observations about what they noticed. In Mrs. Clancy’s room, one student from Mrs. Bowen’s room noted that he thought the brook water was the best water since it is the natural habitat of these creatures. He also felt that in his class, they were feeding their tadpoles (who are the largest) a special tadpole chow, which had more protein, and he felt like that is why they were the largest. He felt if you combined these two variables, the tadpoles would do the best!

In Mrs. Bowen’s class, visiting classes were lucky to have one of the girls be the biologist and inform the students about what was happening in their classroom. In addition to the tadpole chow, they also have a small tank with no “bubbler”. She felt this wasn’t as good a situation for the tadpole because they were not getting as much oxygen.

In Mrs. Cohen’s class, students are also conducting a similar experiment, but they are focused on the two tadpoles in the smaller tank will be larger than those in the larger tank because they are not competing with so many other tadpoles with food. post it note

All of our kindergarten students are doing a wonderful job being biologists!


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