Fifth Grade Testable Questions for Tadpole Investigations

Hi Kindergarten Classes and Teachers,

The 5th graders are learning how to develop testable questions. Mrs. Diorio’s Mrs. Desmaris’s and Mrs. Scott’s

classes had some great ideas that you could possibly investigate to determine if any of the ideas have an effect on how well the tadpoles grow.  Perhaps if you chose any of these ideas, you could write back to these 5th graders with some answers to their questions.

  • Put different plants in the habitat
  • Antii or pro-biotics – some farmers give this to their animals to grow better
  • Water types – tap, Poland spring, vernal pool, brook water
  • Different soil: gravel, mud, nothing
  • More or less tadpoles in a tank
  • Size of tank – how much space does each tadpole have?
  • Amount of food
  • Type of food
  • pH of the water
  • Temperature of water
  • Small or large aquarium
  • Dissolved oxygen of the water
  • Amount of light that the tadpoles have
  • Cleanliness of the water
  • The size — do they compete for food with one another
  • Does the noise in the room frighten them?
  • Natural light versus artificial light
  • Type of tanks – glass or plastic?
  • Add artificial plastic plants, gravel versus natural plants and rocks
  • Does the ability to exercise (swim around easily) affect how large they get?
  • Does the room temperature effect their growth?

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